Your Guide to Energy-Efficient Appliances

Energy efficient appliances are a good choice both for your wallet and for the environment. If you're considering purchasing an energy efficient appliance, here's everything you'll need to know. 

Many people recognize the  Energy Star  logo, but few actually know its significance. An appliance marked with this logo means it meets the highest standards for efficiency set by the government's Environmental Protection Agency. The big yellow  EnergyGuide  tag you may find attached to home appliances also provides valuable information about how much energy an appliance uses as well as the estimated costs you may see on your utility bill. This information makes it much easier to compare efficiency levels across brands and appliances. 

Despite the many benefits of choosing a more efficient appliance, it is always a hard decision to choose the perfect one for your needs. While energy efficiency may be a priority, it can be difficult to balance that with the need for certain features to fit your home. It may be easier to create a list of features that are necessary for your appliance and then use Energy Star's  guide  to find the most efficient products of 2018. There, you can easily compare various appliances and only consider the ones that fit your requirements. 

A decision that many people may struggle with is whether to purchase an electric or gas appliance. While gas appliances tend to cost up to 20 percent more up front, they do cost 10 to 30 percent less to operate. Depending on how often you intend to use the product, investing in a gas appliance may be worth it in the end. 

Many people doubt whether the cost of replacing old appliances with newer, energy efficient ones will be worth it in the end. With more people buying EnergyStar appliances, the cost of buying one has gone down significantly, making them a more affordable option. If the appliances do end up costing more up-front, they are still sure to be worth it in the long run when considering lower utility bills and benefits like rebates and tax credits. Similar incentives in your area can be found by simply entering your zip code into EnergyStar's  rebate finder

As customers become more environmentally-conscious, many people are making the decision every day to switch to energy efficient appliances. In doing so, not only can you be proud for doing your part in protecting the planet, but you can also be happy knowing you will be saving costs in the long run.