5 Things You Should Never Put In Your Whirlpool Dryer


There are numerous types of Whirlpool dryers available to the public. Although the products differ, they all share some similarities. Regardless of which dryer you own, here are five things you should never put in them. 

1. Live Beings 
This may not come as a shock but you should never put live beings, such as animals and people, inside a dryer. No matter how wet Fluff Muffins is you should never put your pet in the dryer. You also should not put your worst enemy in there. Yes, they may have stolen your cupcake when you were five, but putting them in a dryer would be going too far. 

2. Bras 
I understand. The dryer is right there, nice and convenient. Who would go out of their way to hand dry their undergarments? Well, a dryer is all fun and games until your bra ends up ruined and unwearable. Yikes. But have no fear! This can easily be prevented by simply not putting your brassieres in a dryer. 

3. Bath Rugs With Rubber-Backing 
One of the greatest feelings in the world is having a cozy rug hugging your feet when you step out of the hot shower into the cold bathroom. You may want to share the warmth with your dear rug by putting it in the dryer, but no. That's not the way. You will destroy your relationship with your dear friend. Instead just let it air dry and bam! You have yourself a dry and toasty bath rug. 

4. Gum 
Quite the delicious snack, but it will destroy your clothes if you leave some gum in your pockets. You know how people say your hair will be ruined if gum gets in it? Now take that experience but apply it to your favorite jacket your Nana bought you. Your jacket and your relationship with your Nana will be completely demolished. 

5. Sand 
Building sandcastles and chilling on the beach is a delightful experience for many. But let's be real. Sand in all of your clothing and towels is quite frustrating. There's a perfect solution! Tossing all of your sand-coated belongings into your dryer. No. That's a terrible idea. The sand will mess up the inner workings of the machine. 

If you want to protect your dryer and your clothes, then simply avoid drying these items in your dryer and you'll lead a great life.