Dryer Not Heating? These Common Issues Could Be To Blame

It can be frustrating to have a dryer that will not heat. One of the keys to fixing a dryer that is not heating is to find out what is causing the problem. Consumer, service and installation errors can cause your dryer to not heat. 

Consumer Errors 

In many cases, owner errors can cause the dryer to not heat. For example, you may have the dryer on the wrong setting. If you have the setting on wrinkle care, fluff, refresh, then your dryer will not heat properly. 

Service Errors 

Most owners cannot deal with service issues. However, if the problem is caused by a tripped circuit breaker, then all one has to do is reset it. If this problem keeps happening, then it is time to call a professional. 

This problem may also be caused by a failed heating element. This is another issue that will have to be corrected by a professional. If you have a gas dryer, then the gas valve may be shut off or broken. It is always a good idea to call a professional because it can be dangerous for you to try to correct this problem yourself. 

Installation Errors 

An installation error is a problem that you will probably be able to fix yourself. You will need to check the inside of the venting filter. It is located near the door. You can pull the dryer screen out and clean it. 

You will also need to inspect the venting from the dryer to the place where it goes out of your home. It is flexible and cleaning it is easy. If you do not want to clean it, then you can call a professional. 

Additionally, you will need to make sure that the exterior wall cap is not being blocked. A bush or tree can block the exterior wall cap. Simple maintainence will help you keep your dryer for a long time.